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Eastman Aggregate Enterprises has provided beach nourishment and dune restoration services for some of our nation's most beautiful beaches. Operating for over 16 years as a Limited Liability Company, Eastman works hand in hand with coastal engineers to implement their engineered solutions that ultimately preserve our fragile coastal environments and provide some level of storm protection for upland structures.

As a reputable and experienced specialty contractor, Eastman Aggregate is fully capable of providing the coastal resources for beach restoration services, Wetland Restoration, Coastal Inland Habitat Development. In fact, we have successfully established ourselves as a beach and dune restoration company that will exceed industry standards. We have worked repeatedly with state and municipal entities as well as other private companies.
Founded in 1994 and managed by our President, Bernard Eastman and his dedicated team, Eastman Aggregates has built a solid foundation of service and expertise by providing an experienced and skilled workforce of 18 full time employees.

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